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A comprehensive financial plan serves as a roadmap for your financial life. To create your plan, we will start with a discussion about your financial needs and goals in order to get a clear picture of where you are today and where you want to go. Then, I will create your financial plan, which will help you understand your current financial picture, prioritize your goals, and provide action items to improve your finances. There is a great deal of substance to a plan like this so we will break it down into manageable pieces; starting with the most critical.


Once your plan is in place, our work is not done, but rather it’s just beginning. We will meet in person or virtually at least once per year, up to once a quarter, to review your progress and assess the need for any changes to your plan. I also ask my clients to reach out anytime they need assistance outside of scheduled meetings or if something in life changes that would affect their plan.


It is important to understand that the financial planning is a long-term process, operating in a world that includes factors beyond the control of you & me. Changes in the stock market, inflation and interest rates will affect planning results. Changes in your circumstances may also need changes to be made to the plan. Flexibility & commitment to periodic reviews of financial plan are essential

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