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I offer a range of services that have been carefully tailored to suit the needs of young families, professionals and entrepreneurs and pre-retirees residing in Ontario, Canada.


I have customized thought-provoking questionnaires that help you think & bring out the core objectives that you desire, leading to a sound financial plan.


My goal is to take the stress and confusion out of your financial life, so you can focus on what really matters to you.





Schedule a free telephonic appointment so we can get to know each other. During the 30-minute discussion, we will discuss your finances briefly to determine if Aum Financial Solutions is right for you. I will be asking specific questions that will give me an idea of the type of planning required. All your primary questions will be answered as well.


If we both are comfortable working together, we can go ahead with a comprehensive financial planning. There is no fee for initial comprehensive financial planning. If the plan involves complex planning, there may be a fee charged.


The next step is scheduling a 90-minute Fact Finder meeting. 



FACT FINDER - The Foundation of Planning


A Planner-Client engagement agreement along with privacy & confidentiality documents are provided before the fact-finding process.

The Fact Finder collects detailed information, that forms the basis for the entire planning. Documents required are:

  • Financial Statements (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash flow analysis)

  • Tax Returns

  • Wills & POAs

  • Shareholder’s Agreements (for business)

  • Trust agreements

A "How do you feel" well-designed questionnaire will bring out the soft issues critical for making the plan  


Collecting all relevant data will acquire a full understanding of the client’s priorities, values, attitudes, preferences and expectations





Based on the fact finder meeting, we will work together to formulate a unique plan based on your goals, needs, and the full scope of our advisory relationship 

A comprehensive financial plan serves as a roadmap for your financial life. I will create your financial plan, which will help you understand your current financial picture, prioritize your goals, and provide action items to improve your finances. There is a great deal of substance to a plan like this, so we will break it down into manageable pieces; starting with the most critical.




Once your plan is in place, our work is not done, but rather it’s just beginning. We will meet in person or virtually at least once per year, to review your progress and assess the need for any changes to your plan. 


It is important to understand that the financial planning is a long-term process, operating in a world that includes factors beyond the control of you & me. Changes in the stock market, inflation and interest rates will affect planning results. Changes in your circumstances may also need changes to be made to the plan. Flexibility & commitment to periodic reviews of the financial plan is essential.


The Planner not only considers client’s needs and attitudes but also economic and environmental factors, investment forecasts, taxation, family law, government programs, business interests and other relevant considerations

There will be an ongoing annual fee of $0 - $5,000 depending on the type of planning OR a percentage of the assets under management.


The client should contact the planner immediately in the event of a significant change in circumstances such as birth or death in the family, marriage, change in employment, promotion, buying a home, serious illness, divorce, retirement or inheritance



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