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Planning RESP early can help meet the rising cost of child's future education



All parents want to see their children succeed in life by becoming best doctors, engineers, scientists or accountants.


What if money was the only thing stopping the child from achieving their dreams?


A Registered Education Savings Plan is an education savings plan registered under the Income Tax Act. RESP contributions are not tax-deductible, but rather as RESP allows your contributions to grow tax-deferred


RESP is a simple and disciplined way to invest towards your child's post-secondary education. 

You may be eligible to receive up to $7,200 in Canada Education Savings Grant

You may be eligible to receive up to $2,000 in Canada Learning Bond (for lower income families and child born on or after Jan 01, 2004)

You have options



There's no single correct answer to the question of how to fund your child’s education. A range of strategies are available to help maximize your college savings and, therefore, minimize debt when the time comes to start paying tuition.

Help your children reach their potential with education!
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