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An integral part of any financial strategy is to prepare for the unknown.  As an independent financial services firm, Aum Financial Solutions Inc., has access to the full landscape of the insurance industry allowing our clients the ability to select from the products and services that best serve their needs.


Needs-Based Approach

Part of our risk assessment process is to take detailed notes of your specific situation and then weigh needs against your current insurance portfolio. This process allows us to make suggestions to our clients that may include recommending certain amounts, types, and even combinations of insurance plans.


Independent Strategy

Our independence allows us to work with a variety of insurance carriers, which affords us the ability to make sure that our clients have their risks matched to the right insurance company at the right time in their lives. 


Many Different Risks, A Universe of Solutions

There are many different unknowns to insure against in financial planning and we understand this.   Below is a list of different insurances that Aum Financial Solutions Inc. can help you to understand and possibly utilize:

  • Life Insurance

  • Critical Illness Insurance

  • Disability Income Insurance

  • Long-Term Care Insurance

  • Business Insurance (Buy-Sell, Key Person, Business Overhead, Business Loan)

  • Individual Health Plans

  • Visitors & Super Visa Insurance

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