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  • I want to be debt free fast? Can you help me?
    Yes. Debt is never good and should be removed first to move towards financial freedom. The quicker you get out of the debt (including mortgage), better is your Life going to be. Debt management is an important part of financial management. I can help you get it off your monthly bill as early as possible, by following a plan & a process
  • Do you work anywhere in Ontario?
    Yes, I'm licensed to work in Ontario only. Our services and systems have been designed so that clients can easily work with us from any location that has an internet connection. I work mostly in the GTA area, but can help clients outside of GTA if needed. Pls schedule a call & we can talk.
  • What is a CLU designation?
    The CLU® is widely considered to be the most respected insurance designation in the industry. This designation was created in 1927 by the AmericanCollege in Bryn Mawr, Pa. The CLU®; has traditionally been pursued by agents who wish to specialize in life insurance for business or estate-planning purposes. The Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU®) designation is Canada's premier wealth transfer and estate planning designation. The CLU is an advanced designation that expands on the knowledge gained in the CFP® education program with a focus on estate planning and wealth transfer.
  • Why do I need a Fiancial Planner?
    For most clients, the biggest reasons to hire a financial planner are two fold. First, I have the expertise and experience to see areas of weakness in your finances that require attention. Second, I collaborate with you and guide you at each stage of Life. A plan written on paper isn’t worth, if it’s not put into action.
  • Do I have to come to your office?
    I am happy to meet with clients in my office but at this stage of life, time is so precious for everyone. We have systems designed so that all of the information you need to understand your finances can be found on your smartphone, tablet, or computer at any time. With this accessibility, we can easily have impactful conversations about your finances, by video chat or phone, without forcing you to come into the office and disrupt your routine. We can mutually decide a place to meet for preliminary discussions
  • Who is your typical Client?
    Young families, professionals and entrepreneurs and pre-retirees. They are serious about saving and working to achieve their financial goals. They are looking for someone to collaborate with them and help them maximize their fullest financial potential.
  • I'd like to learn more, what is the next step?"
    Schedule an Introductory telephonic call by visiting my contact page. You can also reach me by email.
  • How do you get paid?
    Our compensation comes from the assets we manage for the clients and the products used to achieve the desired objectives for the Client. Making a comprehensive financial plan is no charge to the Client. There may be annual fee depending on the complexity of plan & assets under management. I work with you, till the accomplishment of your defined goals!
  • Do I have to pay for the meeting?
    No. The first meeting is telephonic or a video call. This meeting serves to get to know one another, identify the need & depth of planning and see if we can work well together. We will chat about your finances briefly, discover areas of opportunity, and discuss how we can move forward together. The annual reviews may be chargeable if the assets under management are significant and the plan involves complexity
  • Who is NOT a good fit for Aum Financial Solutions?
    Anyone who thinks I have a crystal ball to predict movements of the markets will not be well served at Aum Financial Solutions. Investments in client portfolios are utilized as a tool to help clients achieve their financial goals. Investing in the markets should feel more like watching grass grow. Additionally, anyone who is averse to technology.
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